Oh my, I am so excited for this!. One of my favourite stores, Gabriel, bought out this absolutely stunning cyber suit Gatcha for Cyber Fair and I am in love. Every part of it is detailed and beautiful and fits so amazingly. Also, look at this bloody epic cyber buster sword from Lanevo, it has these awesome moving pistons and has particle smoke coming out of it!. It also has an inbuilt pose if ya wanna use it. Moving away from Cyber fair, the KHM hair I am wearing is deliciously anime, and you can get that from the Manly Arena Event!.

Teleport to Cyber Fair event

Teleport to Manly Arena Event



 MINIMAL - Cyberpunk Capsule 7



 22769 - The Puppeteer Gatcha

           Antinatural - Deathracer/ Grinner Bot Companion RARE.

           LANEVO - Cybuster sword ( Cyber Fair sept '20)


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Hair: KMH Hair - M102 ( Manly Arena event sept '20)

Ears: Random Matter - Serrated Ears.

Horns: Tanoshi - Vilkas Horns.

Body tattoo: Nefekalum - Merlins Castle.



Inner Demons - Trinity septum.

Artificial Hallucination - Gate  bento Piercing ( Warehouse Sale event )



Gabriel - Cyber Gravity Gatcha ( Entire set INC. RARE jacket) ( Cyber fair Sept '20)


via //.The Gentleman Crow. //