Hey guys, been rather busy lately IRL so haven't been active very much. But I managed to get a post out, and I have a special guest with me on this one!. Its the one and only Leith Drew from AsteroidBox. He has vast become a great friend of mine, and expect to see more posts featuring his handsome self!.  So its approaching Halloween and if you have not guessed this theme is a spoopy one. I absolutely love this hat and hair combo from Kuni which is at  Equal 10 right now, you can buy the style HUD which means you can wear the hair without the hat but...THAT HAT THO. Its fab. Also at Equal 10 is the absolutely stunning Dark Crow suit from Gabriel - amazing and so festive. Also this really cute and neat staff from Astara, lovely texturing and playful little swirls wrapping around it. You can find that at the main store. ( Leith's Cred's Below )

Teleport to Equal 10

Teleport to Astara



 Paleto - PACT


 Astara - Celestial Staff 

          RIOT - Elevated Ferret 



Hair: Kuni - Jimin ( Equal 10 oct '20)

Ears: HARO - Pointy Ears.

Horns: Petrichor - Kii Horns

Eyes: Petrichor - Astrid eyes ( Salem sept' 20)

Tattoo: Vegas Tattoo - Never Dead. (TDSF oct '20)



CerberusXing - Locke Septum. 

Kartel - Raven king Bento rings.

Gabriel - Triple Chain necklace// Dark crow suit ( Equal 10 oct '20 )



Gabriel - Dark Crow suit ( Equal 10 oct '20) 


( Alternate view of the awesome Vegas tattoo, and this lovely staff by Astara )


Leiths Credits:

Hair: [monso] Ryo Hair

White hair strand: Sintiklia - Justin

Wand in hair: Hotdog - Corpse wand 

Glasses: Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses

Necklace: AsteroidBox. Cursed Charms Necklace

Shoulder Ferret: RIOT / Elevated Ferret - Standing (decor)

Coat + sweater: [WAZ] 2049 Trench Coat

Magic stick: LUX AETERNA [Princeps Acherontis] Staff 

Spell book: e.marie // Black Magic Gacha - Book of Spells 

Rings: [Contraption] Decorum Ring Set

via //.The Gentleman Crow. //