I am soooo excited guys!. I have a new sponsor; Gabriel!. I am truly so fucking honored to have been chosen as a blogger for such a massive store. And of course one of my favorite ever stores I've been following for years and blogger milestone!. So this is the first post. And GB bought out this cool ripped tank top and off the shoulder jacket combo with mask, which is at The Dark Style Fair Event, although you only have a few days left to grab it! So get on it :). Also in this post I wanna mention is this cool little critter from Salem. Isnt he cute?. Get him from Samhain event. 

Teleport to DSTF

Teleport to Samhain



 Paleto - Side Street


 Salem - Hecate's Serpent ( Samhain Event oct '20)



Hair: Volthair - Dwayne.

Ears: L'emporio - Athan Ears

Horns: Aii -  Pearlescent Devil Horns

Face Tattoo: Lilithe - Raptus Tattoo ( Necrotize Free Gift ) 

Tattoo: STOIC - INKED ( The Warehouse Sale oct '20)



Badwolf - Ruthless Rings (The Warehouse Sale oct '20)

Antinatural - Unholy Choker// Post-Human gatcha.



Gabriel - Torn jacket & Shirt with Mask ( The Dark Style Fair Event oct '20)


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