Gabriel came out with this fluffy, comfy sweater and t-shirt combo for TMD. Its called Teddy and that is so apt!. I decided to combine it with some more fluffy creatures - well, fluffy but creepy - but how fab are these Foxes??. They are from Maru Kado and you can get them from the main store. There are two packs and I bought both of course!. Couple of amazing tattoo's too; face one is from Nefekalum ( Close up below). And the all body one is from Dappa, and that's at TMD too. 

Teleport to TMD

Teleport to Maru Kado

Teleport to Nefekalum



Maru Kado - Skull head Fox 2 ( Both sets).



Hair: Sintiklia- Mercury

Ears: CerberusXing - Sceleratis Ears

Eyes: Izzie's - Demon Mesh eyes.

Tattoo: DAPPA - Void tattoo ( TMD's Nov '20)

Face tattoo: Nefekalum - The Chosen Ink.

Teeth: RavenBell - Shark Teeth



+AH+ - Casual Goth Piercing RavenBell Lance 3.0

CerberusXing - Peeper Earing Bling (Left)

CerberusXing - Scarred Bridge

Rawr! - Rebel Septum Piercing.



Gabriel - Teddy Jacket ( TMD Nov '20)

RIOT - Syrio Men's Legging's.

toksik - Remnant Boots


( Close up of Nefekalum's  The Chosen tattoo )

via //.The Gentleman Crow. //