Hey guys, I felt like doing a rather simple shoot for this coat from Gabriel!. As it does not really need much more glam added x.x. Its pretty damn amazing. The fur makes me wanna run my fingers through it for real :3. You can get this fab coat from Equal10 this round. 

Teleport to Equal10



 Minimal - Underground Backdrop



Hair: VoltHair - Kei Hair.

Ears: CerberusXing - Sceleratis Ears

Eyes: Izzie's - Demon Mesh eyes.



+AH+ - Casual Goth Piercing RavenBell Lance 3.0

Fake Society - Safety Pin Septum

Petrichor - Kii Horns

Badwolf - Ruthless Rings.



Gabriel - Fur & Leather Assimetry Coat ( Equal10 nov '20)

HEVO - Baker Joggers Black ( TMD nov '20)


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via //.The Gentleman Crow. //