Its nearly Christmas time!. I hope you guys get to have a fantastic one despite all the shit of this year. Gabriel came out with this neat half fleece jacket for TMD this round. They also came out with this cute scarf and ear muffs for Santa Inc event, and together they make a cute combination. Also look at this totally cute mug from Vespertine! You can get a snowman, Penguin, and a Christmas tree shape. So adorable. They are at Kustom 9 right now. Close up below to see Gabriel's scarf and ear muffs close!.

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 AsteroidBox Sim.


 Vespertine - Holiday mugs pack 1 - Caramel Chocolate deer mug ( Kustom 9 Dec '20)



Hair: Dura - U107

Ears: CerberusXing - Sceleratis Ears.

Eyes: Gloom -  Reprogram Collection Gatcha

Horns: Petrichor - Luciferan Horns



CerberusXing x BUENO - Welded Eye rings ( Kustom 9 )

Gabriel - Fur Muffler & Ear Muff ( Santa Inc event dec '20)



Gabriel - Fleece Half coat ( TMD dec '20)



via //.The Gentleman Crow. //