I'm back from my Christmas vacation, and now I have the task of catching up with all my blogging and clients!. Fun. I do miss doing this when im away - its not only my job really but a hobby of mine. I hope you all had a safe and Happy Christmas despite all the Covid restrictions!. 

When I saw this Fur lined jacket from Gabriel, with the harness and baggy pants, it did sorta remind me of a kinky Santa Claus - In red -  (You can also get a jockstrap with it :x. ) But I chose the black versions because they sorta reminded me of some kind of Druidic/ warlock type character. You can get this from Man Cave right now!. Look at these stunning horns by Cubic Cherry too, amazing textures and design, and they are at Saturnalia. Annnnnd this staff by Deadly Nightshade, it comes with a combat HUD with animations for to attack, and is wonderfully sculpted. 

Teleport to Man Cave

Teleport to Saturnalia

Teleport to Deadly Nightshade




C&C - Shadow Room Skybox


 Deadly Nightshade - Binding Heart Situal Staff

          Nefarious Inventions - Deadwood Fireplace Cast Iron

          Disorderly - A Timely Vintage Gatcha/ Loose Papers.

          Disorderly - Overgrown Patio gatcha/ Chair.

          C&C - 5 Candle Group




Hair: Dura - U104 Hair.

Ears: Haro - Pointy Ears

Horns: Cubic Cherry - Tartarus Horns ( Saturnalia dec '20)

Tattoo: Persephone - Runic



Gabriel - Jacket & Jockstrap Gatcha ( Man Cave Event dec '20)

 Loose Fit Pants

       Leather Boa Jacket

         Neck Chain Harness.

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