Hey guys!. You ever feel like you just wanna pig out on junk food?. ME TOO. Also because its nearly valentines day and I do not like it, may aswell eat a meal for two by myself aha!. Also why not look fabulous doing it by wearing this amazing shirt and fur combo by Gabriel which is at The Mens Dept event right now. The junk food is part of a Gatcha provided by Random Matter and omg I swear it looks so realistic its guaranteed to make your mouth water. The scarification on my face is by TF and is called Fake Love. Just what you need for Anti-Valentine :P. Thats at the Jail event. ( See close up below for better view).

Teleport to TMD event

Teleport to Random Matter

Teleport to The Jail event



Paleto - Wild night ( Equal 10 feb '21)


Random Matter - Pizza RARE ( Take Away gatcha)

     Pizza Slice

        Onion Rings


        Tray RARE



Hair: Dura - U109

Ears: Haro - Pointy Ears

Scars: TF - Brawler 

              TF - Fake Love



CerberusXing - Tyrant Chain

Random Matter - Rashik Earrings

Real Evil - Mythical Beasts Rings ( TMD feb '21)



Gabriel - Stripe Shirt 2021 with Off Shoulder fur 2021 ( TMD feb '21)


(Close up of the amazing face tattoo by TF, and the cool asf Rashik Earrings by Random Matter. As a scorpio I thoroughly appreciate them x.x)

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