Woohoo!. Another Cyber Fair post!. I can't get over the awesome stuff this time around - look at this shit!. JEYS came out with a Cyber Hunter gatcha, the cool asf futuristic motorbike and the two swords/guns are part of it. Could not resist using them. What else?. We have the stunning Cybernetics gatcha outfit from Gabriel. This thing is so detailed and the materials are so nice. The tattoo is by Dappa and is called Vector, very neat. The collar is by MUSU and comes in two separate wordings and colours, but also comes with the ability to make your own lettering ( if you understand how alpha's and Photoshop works! ). Lastly we have the cool half visor by True Damage. I love the look of this - comes in several colours. All this and more at Cyber fair!. 

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 Paparazzi - Cyberpunk Street ( Cyber Fair march-april '21 )


 JEYS - CyberHunter Gatcha// X-C03 & X-B04




Hair: Dura - U112 ( TMD march '21)

Horns: Antinatural - Lost Saints Gatcha - Gilded Horns Silver. 

Eyes: Petrichor - Avor Eyes.

Tattoo: Dappa - Vector Tattoo ( Cyber Fair March-april '21)



MUSU - Cyberpunk Choker Red ( Cyber Fair march-april '21)

True Damage - Silvia Visor Blue ( Cyber Fair March-april '21)



Gabriel - Cybernetics Gacha  outfit with Boots ( Cyber Fair March - Apr '21)

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