Ahhh my gawd!. So much good stuff at Cyber Fair this round again!. I know im not gonna have enough time to blog it all x.x. But for your viewing pleasure, here are some items that really stand out. Like this entire suit by Gabriel. Look how COOL this thing is. Boots included and the cool bag at the front which is the rare in this cyber gatcha. It even comes with the robotic arms :3. We have this usable scythe SEKAI, combat stances and attack by clicking with your mouse. Neat. Bearded Guy came out with a backdrop gatcha and this is the rare, its a must have!. The horns are by Psycho Byts and are so detailed and neat with their glowy parts. On the close up you can see them better, and you can also see this amazing eye, wound and piercing set by The White Crow. Oh my lord I love it. There are several eye designs, these are two. Brilliant :3. 

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Bearded Guy - Futuro Incierto * RARE *// Furturistic Days Gatcha ( Cyber Fair June '21)


 SEKAI - Cyber Scythe ( Cyber Fair June 21)



Hair: Dura - U105

Horns: PSYCHO Byts - Hecatix Horns ( Cyber Fair June '21)

Ears: CerberusXing - Withered Berzerker ears

Tattoo:  Nuuna - UNA 

Eyes & Scars: The White Crow - Invision  ( Cyber Fair June '21)



The White Crow - Invision cheek piercings ( Cyber Fair June '21)


Clothing, shoes & Arms:

Gabriel -  Cyber Catharsis Gatcha Black set including RARE Cord bag. ( Cyber Fair june '21)


(Close-up of those cool horns by Psycho Byts and close up of that scarring/wounds/ Eyes and cheek piercings by TWC! )

via //.The Gentleman Crow. //