Hey guys just a quick one this time. To show off this really cool jeans by Gabriel. I really love the chain effect on the knee's here, and the ripped material!. That's for The Warehouse Sale event this round. Also at the Warehouse Sale is this neat asf backdrop by Paleto.  AsteroidBox came out with this amazing harness shirt for men at TMD this round, lots of texture options and high materials make this truly stunning. Cubic Cherry are in Abnormality event with this really cute horns - you can get several texture styles from fade to these blotchy ones!. I like um alot. :3

Teleport to The Warehouse Sale Event

Teleport to TMD

Teleport to Abnormality event.( Opens on the 7th of june!)



 PALETO - EXORCISM ( The Warehouse Sale Event. may - jun 21)



Hair: Dura - B108 ( TMD June '21)

Horns: Cubic Cherry - Zalera Horns ( Abnormality Event may- june '21)

Ears: CeberusXing - Withered Berzerker ears

Tattoo:  Nuuna - Makeups V12.7 male.



CeberusXing - See no Evil.

CerberusXing - Crux Septum. 

TeaBunny - Lunar Bindi



AsteroidBox - Oliver Shirt ( TMD june '21)

AsteroidBox - Xaid Boots ( Anthem june '21)

Gabriel - Knee Tear Chain denim ( The Warehouse Sale Event may-june '21)


(Close up of the neat Cubic Cherry horns for Abnormality Event! )

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