find my light !R! Spiriting Lantern
  • “Until you depart…you’re safe here.”◊ This pack includes… • The Spiriting Lantern in several skin colors with dozens of combinations. • Animated particle fx (see our flickr). • Scripted texture change and bento animations w/ mirror options. • Full permission textures and maps for full customization.
!R! Draconic Diadem/ Headpiece !R! Draconic Diadem/ Mandible
  • !R! Draconic Diadem/ Special Edition
  • “From high atop humanity we watch.”◊ This pack includes… • The diadem in 3 color variants (Skybeast, Voidling, and Omnistone/Rainbow) and jaw guard in 9 variants. Each of the diadems have runes that can be tinted. The diadem and jaw are separate objects, so you can choose to wear one, the other, or both! • Full permission textures and maps for full customization.
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