Its that time again for Cyber Fair goodness!. The September Cyber Fair opened its doors on the 1st of this month so you still got plenty of shopping time ahead to grab some amazing sci-fi, cybery things for yourselves. Like these mega cool shields by Legion. One comes as a floating animesh accessory and the other is a static. You can customize the neon health bar color. Some real nice materials and textures on them!. We have the neat goggles by DM, which have several animated lens options, and the very well meshed and detailed jaw mask by Sekai ( Both you can see in a close up below). Next we have these cool Light Emitters by LINKRAVE, they come in several shapes including the dome behind and the pillar's. Last but not least is the entire suit by Altered State. Man this is crazy, it has animated neon lights zipping across the body. Cool design and materials, and comes with boots, gloves, cannula, mesh eyes and a mask ( not pictured here). So far, the Cyber Fair is proving once more to be an awesome shopping event for those of us of the Neon mindset!.

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 The Bearded Guy - Futuristic Days/ Ibari Ship


 LINKRAVE - Light Emitters/ type A & Type C ( Cyber Fair Sept '21)

           Legion - Paragon Shield ( Cyber Fair Sept '21)



Hair: Dura - B87

Ears: Haro - Orc Ears

Neck Tattoo: Contraption - Appliers: GPK44 Prosthetic Neck.



Gabriel - Cyber Katana 2019.

SEKAI - Wing Mask ( Cyber Fair sept '21)

DM - Cyber Glasses and Animation Lens4. ( Cyber Fair sept '21)



Altered State - Freemens Outfit inc. Gloves, Mesh eyes, Suit and Cannula. ( Cyber Fair sept'21)


Close-up of the cool jawline from Sekai, and the googles from DM!

via //.The Gentleman Crow. //