I am loving Engine Room this round!. Look at this cool shit!. You have this full outfit including shoes and robotic bento hands by Gabriel. I love the detail so much. Reliquary teamed up with BroadWing to give us this cool beret, scar and medallion set. So fucking neat unnnf. The props are a mixture of Dictatorshop and Architect and they are jsut as detailed as the outfit. The Steampunk chair comes with many single poses and four different colors. The one im modelling is one of the poses. The pipe lamps are so fricken cool and you get three versions and they switch on too to emit light. The Sweet Airship planter gently bobs up and down too. The backdrop is an epic one and its huge:

LOOK AT IT. The sides come down when clicked so you get a 360 view!. it also comes with its own floating island. Thats by D-Lab. Elsewhere we got a really handsome necklace by Dope+Mercy called the scamper necklace - i love the sharp materials and texture. So pretty. Thats at the Man Cave.

Teleport to Engine Room

Teleport to Man Cave



D-LAB - NSP Capsule base ( Engine Room sept - oct '21)


Architect - D'Arcy Steampunk Armchair ( Engine Room sept - oct '21)

Architect - Porthole Coffee Table ( Engine Room sept - oct '21)

Architect - Airship Plant ( Engine Room Sept - oct '21)

DictatorShop - Pipework Desk Lamp ( Engine Room sept -oct '21)




Tattoo: Lilithe - Harlequin Tattoo ( Engine Room sept -oct '21)

Ears: Random Matter - Junee Elfie Ears



Dope+Mercy - Scamper Necklace ( Man Cave Sept '21)

Reliquary & BroadWing - Mechaneer Beret, Pin- on Medallion & BOM facial wound. ( Engine Room sept-oct '21)



Gabriel - SP Work Outfit set including boots & bento arms ( Engine Room sept-oct'21)


(Close up of that cool necklace from Dope+Mercy and the hat, scars and medallion from Reliquary + Broadwing! So cool.)

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