Hey guys, TMD is nearly over but you can still rush over to grab these neat items!. Gabriel's cool hoodie with body bag comes in many different designs but I dig this yellow design a lot. Okiya has this cool chest wound which you can have in different stages of healing. ROZOREGALIA bought out this neat necklace that you can touch-change a lot of aspects to different colors. Lastly, Modulus made a very smart hairstyle which I really like on my avatar - its called colt. 

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                    Varonis - AfterDark: Nightcall Payphone                         



Hair: Modulus - Colt Hair ( TMD Feb '22)

Chest tattoo: Okiya - Broken heart ( TMD Feb '22)

Horns: Raven Array - Woodkin horns.



ROZOREGALIA - Edor Choker ( TMD Feb '22)

OtC - Crossed Patch



Gabriel - Hoodie w/body bag ( TMD feb '22)

via //.The Gentleman Crow. //