I hear your voice  !R! The Lodestone Heart “A heart so overwhelmed with love that even when shaped from glass and clockwork…it still beats.” ◊ This pack includes… • The Lodestone Heart in 7 colors with 4 metal options. [[TEXTURE SELECTIONS: Crystal comes in white, red, orange/yellow, green, blue, and black. Metal options include gold, silver, copper and black]] • Scripted texture change and bento animated toss action. • Full permission textures and maps for full customization. Mainstore [NC] – Shaman Shawl – Men Only Event 
  • NEW Release for Men Only Event
  •  from 20 February to 15 March 2022
Taxi Mainstore ::GB:: Studded Belt   Mainstore [CX] Lance Bracers – Black   Mainstore . :  Mea Tenebra  : . Crown Of Thorns  Mainstore  

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