Engine Room post up!. I adore this suit by Gabriel. It fits very well and the textures are awesome. The designs are neat and I really like the attention to detail in the shoes. Creepy trunks with tentacles reaching out are by Crocodoggle. Classic boomstick gun by The Forge. Details on this piece are epic and need to be seen in world to appreciated!. And the ripped flesh, revealing steel underneath is Nefekalum's work. It comes in three different metal tones too, and I love the idea behind this sort of tattoo!. All this and more at Engine Room :3. 

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 Varonis - Dornenburg Scene


Crocodoggle - Billingsgate Trunk (Engine Room march '22)




Hair: Dura  - U117 ( Neo Japan march '22)

Body Scars: Nefekalum - Reveal ( Engine Room march '22)



TANAKA - Arcane Enforcer Mask/ Grunge Gold ( Arcade March - april '22)

Cubic Cherry - Googlez

The Forge - Boomstick ( Engine Room March '22)



Gabriel - Steam Jacket SET ( Engine Room March '22)

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