Engine Room is still in full swing and here are four more items that are well worth a look-see. Firstly, this INSANE suit by Gabriel. Its so detailed and very steampunk. I love the shoulder belt with the dial gauges on it. The hat is a lovely touch too. Plus… A cloak!. Who doesn’t love a good cloak :3. Next we have these cool bento hands by Wicca’s Originals, the detail in these is awesome too!. Static made this epic hourglass that bobs up and down in your palm, it has some neat animations and also yo ucan change the color of the sand inside and several versions inside count 1 hr, 1 min and 30 mins. Cool :). Then lastly we have some ear plugs by HAUNT, here is a close up:

Now, you can change the number in the glowing interior to what you like. And the color of the number. I love the detail of the honeycomb overlay. Note: These will only fit to Swallow’s Gauged Ears, but they do come unrigged too!. Get yourselves down to Engine Room. 

Teleport to Engine Room



  Static – Timelost Chronometer ( Engine Room Sept -oct ’22)



Hands/Arms: Wicca’s Originals – Barclay Hands ( Engine Room sept-oct ’22)



– NIXIE plugs ( Engine Room sept-oct ’22)



Gabriel – Alchemy Suit set incl cloak, hat and boots ( Engine Room sept-oct ’22)


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