A quick post here to appreciate CerberusXing's Rabid mask, which comes in two color versions, dark and white and changeable eye styles via a HUD. The detail in this is amazing, so sharp and solid. Also, Mea Tenebra is at the Dollholic Event with this beautiful collar called Incanto, fabulous materials and metal textures in a decently sized HUD. 

Teleport to CerberusXing

Teleport to Dollholic



 Paleto - Narrow Street


CerberusXing - Rabid Mask


Hair: Sintiklia - Prince

Horn: E.A. Studios - Syrax Horns

Face tattoo: RZ - Goth Face tattoos.

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Nar Mattaru - Large-Gauge Septum.

Mea Tenebra - Incanto collar ( Dollholic Event )



AsteroidBox - BoM layers from the Rowan Bodysuit.

Gabriel - Torn Jacket and Shirt.

via //.The Gentleman Crow. //