Just a random blog post to show you this amazing overcoat by Val’More. Its called the SirCoat, and it comes in a tucked in version and an out version. You can change the color of it with the HUD, and I chose this rather fetching patterned version. The jacket part has a really nice corded texture. The Gabriel cloak from the Cloak Suit set fits over almost impecably, which is a massive bonus if your looking for a more grand gentlemanly outfit. 

Teleport to Val’More

Teleport to Gabriel



 Spires Society –  Lordhunter Crypt ( Dark Catholic)

(Cane By Salem, No longer available).



Hair: Dura – B110



RAWR – Protection Earrings

CerberusXing – Kingslayer Ring Set

Raven-Array -Old Bolt Septum

Raven-Array – Unstable Chain Halo

Val’More – Eyepatch



Val’More- SirCoat

Gabriel – Black Cloak ( Part of Cloak Suit)

toksik – Remnant Pants




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