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ūüĒ•Look #01966

 On BrunoEyes - ::GB:: Chain eye mask In Hand - ::GB:: Death scythe Cup - [CX] Cerb's  Year-End Delight Coat - ::GB::  One shoulder fur long coat Suit - ::GB::  Sleeveless ...

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?Look #01959

 On BrunoKatana and Kasa - BONDI . Banshee Katana and Kasa@NEO JAPAN::GB:: Shakujou@TMD::GB::  Gyouja houe@TMD::GB::  Off shoulder haori@TMDBoots - ::GB::  22 Tabi longboots / AkaDaidai@TMDEye -  ::GB::...

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ūüĒ•Look #01948

 On BrunoCap with sunglasses - ::GB::Military cap with sunglasses*@EngineRoomCloak -::GB:: Alchemy cloak@EngineRoomSuit -::GB:: Alchemy Suit set@EngineRoomIn Hand - .Tardfish. Juggling Fruit and Baske Backdrop - Horrorific Back...

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