Hot Cocoa

Credits Open Collar Sweater by Gabriel (Uber) (December 23rd – January 22nd) Camo Skinny Pants by Gabriel (The Warehouse Sale) (December 23rd – January 18th) [Hot Cocoa] Stand with Supplies by Sway’s Septum piercing: Double Stud Sep...

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Better Mistakes

Credits Loose Shirt / Denim Sarouel / W-Zip Sneakers by Gabriel (The Warehouse Sale) (August 23rd – September 17th) Glasses:  Bisglass by BENT Septum piercing: Double Stud Septum by PUNCH Ear piercings: Loke rigged Ear Piercings by Artificial H...

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Pay Your Way In Pain

Credits Rolled Hem Jeans & Open Shirt by Gabriel (The Warehouse Sale) (July 23rd – August 17th) Brown Mosaic Sandals (FLF Limited Edition) by Bleich Pose by me via Anypose Hair:  G0220 by Tram Head: Daniel by Catwa Body: Jake by Belleza

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Credits Big T-shirt / Knee Tear Chain Denim / Earphone Bag by Gabriel (The Warehouse Sale) (May 23rd – June 18th) “Fabricated” Sneakers by VALE KOER Dog (Glam Greyhound Gacha) by Jian Pose by me via Anypose Hair:  Atlas by Stealthic Head: Danie...

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Credits Sarashi / Off tops hakama & Leather ring GETA by Gabriel (The Warehouse Sale) (April 23rd – May 18th) Location:  Yin Yang region at Fantasy Faire 2021 Hair:  Matt by Vango Head: Daniel by Catwa Body: Jake by Belleza 

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